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Kincluny Village

Following initial consultation with the community and other stakeholders as far back as 2011, Chap Group are delighted to have submitted a ‘Planning Permission in Principle Application’ (PPiP) to Aberdeenshire Council for a new village at Park Quarry near Drumoak.

The Quarry, which has been operational since 1986 and is in the full ownership of CHAP, presents a unique and real opportunity to transform a ‘’brownfield’’ site in the heart of Deeside into a new and vibrant community.

"Over the last 4 years we have sought to carefully design a new village that places great importance to the unique setting of the site as well as respect the character of the area.We firmly believe that the Park Quarry site provides a real opportunity to regenerate a Brownfield site in the heart of Deeside. There is growing and urgent demand for family houses, of all types, across Aberdeenshire. There are not many sites that provide such a unique and deliverable opportunity to address the current housing shortage, whilst ensuring the right infrastructure to support it, as that provided by the Kincluny Village proposals."

Douglas Thomson,
Joint Managing Director Chap Group

“There is a real and urgent need across Aberdeenshire to deliver a mix of affordable homes, but no real opportunity presenting itself to address this chronic shortage in planned and phased manner in the short to medium term. It is imperative that developments, such as Kincluny, come forward swiftly that will actually deliver a mix of ‘’affordable’ homes. There are many people on the Council’s waiting list that would choose to live in areas across Deeside but at present do not have the opportunity to do so. Kincluny Village can provide a real and lasting opportunity to seek to address this issue at the earliest opportunity.”

Hugh Craigie,
Joint Managing Director Chap Group